Our School

 The King’s Fork Middle School 7th grade science students are participating in the Nansemond Watershed Initiative: Connecting Classrooms with our Environment. The Nansemond Watershed Initiative provides “hands-on” activities for students about watersheds, estuarine habitats, marine life, and environmental stewardship. The teacher, students and a NRPA volunteer work together on various lessons related to the Life Science curriculum. This initiative is funded by a grant awarded to the Nansemond River Preservation Alliance.   As part of this initiative, students are invited to participate in one of two field trips available free of cost to students.  Pictured here are our students participating in a 2-hour educational trip on a boat out of Chuckatuck Creek into Hampton Roads. Students looked at  a local seafood operation from the water, pulled a dredge and plankton net to study river critters, heard an overview of Suffolk water ecosystems, identified species and were provided a local history water overview.