Hybrid/Virtual Model Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid/Virtual Model Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on 10/12/2020
Hybrid/Virtual Model Frequently Asked Questions

Suffolk Public Schools

Hybrid/Virtual Model 

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When will the district move to a Hybrid Model?

The Suffolk School Board decided on October 8, 2020, to postpone the vote on the Hybrid plan until the October 23rd School Board Retreat.   The current recommendation outlines a start for Hybrid learning for Pre-K through 5th grade for November 16th and grades 6-12 on November 30th. The Hybrid plan recommendations are dependent on the city and regional health metrics and state guidelines. These dates may be adjusted based on active COVID cases in the region or the School Board. 

What safety procedures will be in place in the Hybrid Model?

All safety procedures outlined in the Suffolk Public Schools’ COVID Health Plan Resource Guide will be followed in the Hybrid Model. Please see the link to that document here: COVID Health Plan-Resource Guide

Why do parents need to complete the registration survey again?

In order to plan adequately for transportation and staffing, Suffolk Public Schools is allowing all parents to make a change to the choices made on the Fall Registration Survey. Parents who completed the Fall Registration Survey will receive an email containing their prior selection. If they do not want to make any changes, they do not need to complete the new survey.  


If they have not completed the survey previously, please complete the survey to verify your choice. This survey must be completed by October 14, 2020 at 2:00 pm. Any student without a survey response will be placed in the Hybrid Model.  If you did not receive a link to the survey via email, your student’s school will be contacting you for updated information.

How long will students be committing to the survey response?

Students will be expected to remain on the survey selection through the 2nd nine weeks.  We will reevaluate the learning model options at the end of the 2nd nine weeks.

What if a student on the Hybrid Model becomes ill and must stay home for an extended period of time?

Students in the Hybrid Model will be able to participate in the Virtual Model if they become ill or must quarantine for a specified amount of time.  Student work will continue to be assigned in Canvas so students can continue learning until they are able to return to school. Please see the following chart regarding the process for a confirmed COVID-19 case: Confirmed COVID-19 Flowchart

To see the full plan click here.