KFMS Bullying Prevention Spirit Week

KFMS Bullying Prevention Week
Posted on 10/25/2021


At first glance, many people might think bullying behavior is easy to define. Their first image of bullying might be of a physically intimidating boy beating up a smaller classmate. While that would still be considered bullying today, parents need to know that bullying behavior can be much more complex and varied than the stereotype. For example, harmful bullying can also occur quietly and covertly, or through gossip or the Internet, and can cause significant emotional damage. The definition of bullying may vary by school and state. Visit the link below for more information.


Bully Prevention Week Activities


We will participate in Bully Prevention Activities October 20 – October 30.  These days will be spirit days.  


Wednesday, October 20 – We Unite Against Bullies – Wear Orange

Monday, October 25 – Battle Against Bullies - Wear Camouflage

Tuesday, October 26 – Put a stop to Bullying – Wear Red

Wednesday, October 27 – Team Up Against Bullies – Wear a Team Jersey

Thursday, October 28 – Stand Up Against Bullies – Superhero Shirts

Friday, October 29 –Dress for Success Day